Temple Of the Wild


Welcome Home, dear Pilgrim

See you on the other side.

Vision Artist : PenaBranca

Vision Artist : PenaBranca

Temple Of the Wild


Come, stay awhile.

Wanderers, Worshippers, Exiles, Warriors of the wild. . . Warm your feet at our fire. This is a refuge for the dreamers of our time. A virtual holy place. Where we reconstruct our broken hearts. The altar at which we lay our sacred visions from Beyond.

This is a sanctuary from the pains of ordinary living. (You, are not ordinary). A spiritual revolution. A cosmic conspiracy in the heart of humanity. Where we feed and fuel and tend the sacred fire of Goodness, of all that is kind, of all that is honest and real, of the part of humanity willing to live with Life and not against it.

This is a cosmic roar. Of a new species come to life.  Drawing the infinite into the finite. Inter-dimensional midwives. Giving birth to our fullest selves. when one is healed, the all is healed. We recognize ourselves in each other. As a part of the human tribe.

Here, in this temple, the earth is our holy ground. Our reflections, the image of God. We bow to the mystery of life, to the unseen forces around us, and to the inextinguishable in ourselves and all our kin. 

This sacred space is our offering to human evolution.

an Uncomfortable,


And ecstatically freeing process,

not unlike a seed as it breaks through soil. 


May the fruits of our labour help bring you closer to yourself, dear friend. Stop by anytime you need. . .  

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Temple of the Wild

Vision Artists : PenaBranca

Vision Artists : PenaBranca

Los Niños PerDidos

About The Dreamers

"A dream we dream alone is just a dream. A dream we dream together is a reality."  John Lennon, dreamer

We are the lost children. dreamers of the ancient future. And we know (Thank God), we are not the only ones. We are the artists of this temple. The modern day shamans. Half wild Half refined. Though sometimes we yearn to, we cannot go back to sleep. we are the species who knows it knows. and often sometimes forgets.

h  u  m  a  n.

Born from the latin root, Hu - Mis. Meaning "SoIL". 

This is the name of our common clan.  to whom, Earth is home. and so is Infinity.

There are some among us, wounded and lonely, momentarily blinded to their own magnificence. They, too, are part of us. We call them home. We sing their melody back to them. 

We choose to believe in the more beautiful world our hearts knows is possible.  and we know that everyone. every single one of us is needed in that mission.

our ideas.

our gifts.

our songs.

and our hidden hopes. 

the more we awaken from a sometimes long and deep hibernation, (have you missed me?! I too have missed you. . .), the more we realize we are inseparable from the vast tapestry of life.  a tapestry so grand it stretches beyond space and time. it has no borders or sense of otherness. It is there where we meet. In the (w)holy wild. 

It is the THERE

that we are bringing


Closing the gap (yes yes, we know it's impossible or near to. don't worry!  we are only aiming to get close). 

It has been said in a prophecy long long ago. That...


The story of separation will come to a close. 

and a new human will be born. 

in an evolution to multi-dimensional awareness

one who can live in peace on the earth

one capable of moving through many worlds and dimensions

one who seeks to share more than she seeks to take

One who can

and will




dream with us sister, brother. . .

choose with us.

Lets go home.


Wild Magic Blog :: Recent Resonance

Stories of the Lost Children


From all of the above and below,

our magic is born.

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Collective Dreaming


Vision Artist : PenaBranc

Vision Artist : PenaBranc

We are a collective. Spirit does not move just through thew few. There are many scattered wildlings around the world, fellow warriors studying wild magic in their own way in the difficult time of Now, refining their art, turning their soul inside out in order to create a more beautiful and authentic world. On occasion, we  publish the expressions of the others out there on the blog. The only condition we ask, is that the offering come from the heart of ones' spirit, preferably from a journey 'Beyond' but not always a requirement. Reach us here.


Guardians of the Temple

Entheogens are sacred tools for the investigation of consciousness. For the exploration of existence. They are ancient beings, each an ambassador of the intelligence in nature here to help us. Used with reverence, used with respect these are powerful vehicles of transformation. We bow to them. We thank them. They are our teachers and friends. The pillars of our temple. 

Vision Artist : Penabranca

Vision Artist : Penabranca

We all start out knowing magic. We are born with whirlwinds, forest fires and comets inside of us. We are born able to speak with birds and plants and read the clouds and see our destiny in a grain of sand. But then we get the magic educated right out of our souls. We get it churched out, spanked out, washed out, and combed out. we put on the straight and narrow path and told to be responsible. Told to act our age. Told to grow up for God’s sake. And you know why we were told that? Because the people doing the telling were afraid of our wildness and youth, and because the magic we knew made them ashamed and sad of what they’d allowed to wither in themselves.
— Robert McCammon, Storyteller